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Thank you to everyone who came out to our sold out inaugural event.  Sign up for our mailing list HERE to be notified about upcoming events.

Girls Raising is a series of pitch events that helps women founded startups get publicity, network with like-minded entrepreneurs, and meet influential women that can help move their businesses forward. This is a small private event with a limited number of tickets in order to maintain a productive networking atmosphere. 

Women make up half the US workforce but represent only 25% of the technology industry. According to the Dow Jones VentureOne, only 6% of the startups that took one round of VC in 2010 had a female CEO and just 7% boasted a female founder. In 2011, men founded 89% of Californian companies that received crucial seed funding. Let's work towards balancing the scale and understanding the strengths and weaknesses between men and women in leadership and entrepreneurial positions.

Girls Raising supports, educates and encourages female entrepreneurs. We help them build the confidence and network that is neccessary when raising a seed round of funding.

This is an opportunity for guests to preview some of the great companies being built by women and to hear from some of the most successful and influential women of our time. 

It’s a great time to be a woman!

Congratulations to the following Founders and Companies that have been selected to pitch

  • Katarina Vorotova- Try the world
  • Lauren Kay- The Dating Ring
  • Michele Spiezia- Bespoke
  • Mee Jung Jang - Voncierge 
  • Marianne Bellottie-Exversion


Vanessa Dawson, Founder of Evry: Co-host at Ultralight Startups, Lover of Events & Connecting @VanessaNDawson

Kathleen Ong, Evangelist at Wantering: MBA grad, Fashionista and Social Media Addict @itsmekathleeno

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